Results from any survey can be analyzed and interpreted in a variety of manners. Hence, the results from the International River Restoration Survey are posted here in several formats to best suit your individual interests and needs. Your options are explained briefly below.

Results in Real Time Snapshots in Time
This is the most direct way to view the results. The raw numbers, percentages and bar graphs are shown next to the choices for each individual question. You can follow links from each question to view 'Other' responses or run more sophisticated queries of individual questions (i.e. segregating responses by background questions). Remember, these results are dynamically updated and change every time a new survey response is submitted.

Periodically, I will post ASCII text files with all the survey data here for download. These will correspond with major changes to survey content (addition or modification of questions) and various campaigns to solicit responses. To date, only one campaign has been launched (November-December 2003) and the results up to 1 April, 2004 are available below. You are welcome to use the data for your own purposes as you see fit, so long as you properly cite the source. It is the users responsibility to be explicitly clear in distinguishing between your own interpretations of the data from that of others.

NOTE:No guarantee is made about the accuracy of the data after it is downloaded from this web site.
Our Interpretations In their own words
Our interpretations will be based on analyses of the 489 survey responses collected prior to 1 April 2004. We will focus our interpretations on comparing and contrasting the perceptions between restoration science, management and practice. These will be disseminated in two different mediums for now:

  1. The first of these was presented as a poster at the River Restoration Centre's Annual Conference in Durham on 20-21 April, 2004. (Available for download in PDF format below.)
  2. A brief journal article of the results is under preparation to be submitted for peer-review to the Royal Geographical Society's Journal: Area.

Respondents were encouraged to to share their views on what they really think about river restoration in candid and informal emails. You can browse through the cross-section of opinions in the river restoration community by clicking here, Here are a few examples:
  • “Regarding your last question, I've become unfortunately jaded over time. I didn't start out this way but now think the success of river restoration in the future will depend solely on the successful listing of more endangered and threatened species...”
  • “I believe that by and large current "restoration" efforts are a waste of money because people aren't willing to face the truth about the necessity of "sustainable living" and what it actually means.”
  • “Folks take a short course and think they're an expert. So many people are playing the game that rivers that don't need to be restored are being torn up to be "restored"... ”

If you wish to cite the RRC Conference Poster:
Wheaton, J. M., Sear, D. A., & Darby, S. E. 2004. Preliminary Results of an International River Restoration Survey, River Restoration Centre Annual Network Conference, Durham, UK: Poster.
If you wish to cite a specific page within the survey (e.g. this page):
Wheaton, J.M., Sear, D.A., Darby, S.E. and Milne, J.A. “Page Title (e.g. Survey Results Page).” The International River Restoration Survey. Internet URL: ‹› (accessed on: DD-MM-20YY).
If you wish to generically cite the survey:
Wheaton, J.M., Sear, D.A., Darby, S.E. and Milne, J.A. The International River Restoration Survey. Internet URL: ‹› (accessed on: DD-MM-20YY).

If you have further questions or concerns email me, and I will try to provide a clarification.
Or, if you would like general information about my research, see Joe's Homepage.

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